Corporate Memberships


Our prime objective is to provide products and services in a manner which conforms to our client’s requirements and all applicable regulatory requirements. In order to achieve this, it is our policy to maintain effective and efficient Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Management Systems.

    Quality Policy

  • Understand and meet the requirements of our customers, suppliers, employees and our shareholders
  • Continually improve our processes and service standards
  • Conform to regulatory requirements and applicable international standards and codes.
  • Improve competencies of the employees and provide opportunities for growth.

    Environmental Policy

  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Set internal standards and requirements, as per requirements.
  • Apply control and technology that minimize pollution and emissions.
  • Take appropriate corrective actions for protecting the environment.
  • Prevent pollution through reuse, recycling and reduction programs.
  • Ensure prompt actions are taken to situations endangering the general public and the environment as a result of our activities.
  • Ensure continuous improvement in activities to prevent pollution of air, land and water.

    Occupational Health & Safety Policy

  • Comply with all applicable occupational health and safety laws and regulations, and set internal standards and requirements as needed.
  • Apply practices and control technologies that minimize risk to the maximum extent possible.
  • Ensure prompt actions are taken in situations endangering employees, customers and the general public as a result of our activities.
  • Ensure continuous improvement in our operating procedures to prevent personal injury and/or property damage.

We are very proud of our association with our clients and we value their trust in our services. We recognize their legitimate vested interest in our values, decisions and actions and we endeavor to create value for them. Our partners contribute to our success every day. We share a common philosophy with them and appreciate their vital role in our value chain.

Our clientele includes Oil & Gas companies, Chemical & Petrochemical Industries, Oil Drilling Facilities, Airports & Hospitals, Utility companies, Refineries and Manufacturing Sites.

Our Clients & Partners

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UR AEG Ortea Enersys
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