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Switchyard Control Centres

Modern solutions for substation automation enabling cost-efficient remote monitoring and control of all systems; integrating elements from the bay level to the control center.

Asset Condition Monitoring

A range of asset condition monitoring solutions including electrical systems, instrumentation, vibration monitoring, rotating machinery and process equipment

Load Management Systems

Our Load Management Solutions provide advanced tools to manage and optimize energy operations; with an ease of customization as per industry needs.

Power Industry

Solutions for Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Electricity fuels our increasingly industrialised and technology-driven economies and is a critical component of productive activity and daily convenience. A diversified generation portfolio is required to be resilient to uncertainties and must also be cleaner, contributing to reducing the environmental impact of energy production. The situation is further compounded by growing electricity demand, ageing generation units and tighter regulations. Similarly, various factors are dominating the power transmission and distribution sector; the drive toward renewable energy, the expansion and interconnection of grid infrastructures, and the need to gradually replace and upgrade aging grid infrastructures. The power distribution industry is one of the largest users of real-time data during the operation of their energy distribution network and has an inherent need for data processing technology. The accelerating growth of renewable power generation is a global trend, as governments around the world demand an increase in supply from renewable sources like Biomass, Hydropower, Solar and Wind. Growing concerns about energy availability, volatility and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have increased consumer demand for renewable energy sources of power.

We have the solutions to mitigate the potential risks associated with these challenges and to adapt to the changing landscape of electricity generation. Whether uprading or replacing your existing systems, we help you migrate with high reliability, plant operability and availability. Our integrated solutions are fully tested and field proven to meet industry requirements. Our systems have all the core capabilities for distributed control and safety; Balance of plant control with intelligent motor control technology for reducing operational costs of production, Turbine control and monitoring for optimized control and increased system flexibility, Switchyard integration capability, Real-time Emissions monitoring and Condition monitoring solutions.

We offer a range of solutions that Enhances efficiency, Optimizes plant operations, Reduces emissions, avoids unplanned downtime and provides low total cost of ownership. Our portfolio covers an array of power industry sectors such as:

  • Fossil-Fuel Generation (Coal-fired, Natural Gas, Liquid Fuel)
  • Renewable Energy (Biomass, Hydroelectric, Concentrated Solar Fields, Wind Farms)
  • Combined-Cycle Operations (Steam, Heat-Steam Recovery, Balance of Plant, Boiler)
  • Transmission & Distribution (Switchyards, Gridstations, Substations)