• upstream
    Exploration & Production
  • midstream
    Pipelines & Tank farms
  • downstream
    Processing & Refining

Integrated Control Systems

Flexible range of Process Control systems; from PLC based stand-alone control systems to DCS based systems managing complex production plants.

Flow Measurement & Custody Transfer

Reliable and accurate solutions for your metering applications ranging from high viscosity crude oils to cryogenic liquefied gases.

Safety Certified Systems

Proven solutions for applied Process safety; tightly integrated with the main control system to enhance overall plant availability, reliability and asset integrity.

Oil & Gas Industry

Solutions for Upstream, Downstream & Midstream

As the demand for Oil & Gas increases worldwide, industrial facilities face an abundance of challenges. An increasing portion of oil and gas production is coming from offshore resources, and advancing technologies now permit production from deepwater fields. Onshore drilling and production includes oil and gas wells in all types of climates and operating conditions. With the emergence of unconventional resource production, the safe drilling/operation and optimized well production have become more significant. The petrochemical industry continues to expand with an increase in shale gas fuel project developments. Pipelines transport large volumes of gas and liquids, often spanning long distances, and quite commonly across state borders; struggling with flow optimization and inadequate data.

We provide innovative solutions to our customers in the oil and gas industry; developed for onshore, offshore, subsea, and downstream processes. Offering a wide range of products designed to match project requirements and apply proven, advanced technology to critical equipment, we strive to improve reliability and deliver greater value. We provide automated and remote monitoring capabilities avoiding the need for manual measurements, our advanced monitoring solutions improve the reliability of turbines, compressors, motors, generators and other critical machinery. We apply optimal technology based on asset criticality, allowing you to monitor and protect critical machinery, prevent unplanned shutdowns, and improve reliability.

We are synonymous with machinery protection and condition monitoring; and our goal is to constantly improve productivity & efficiency, optimize plant safety and increase uptime. Our expertise spans across a range of process focus areas, including:

  • FPSO (Compression, Separation, Dehydration)
  • LNG (Refrigeration, Liquefaction, Loading / Shipping, Regasification)
  • Offshore production (Dehydration / Treating)
  • Onshore drilling (Drilling & Completion, Production Optimization)
  • Petrochemical (Cracking, Quenching & Fractionation, Charge Gas Compression)
  • Pipeline Integrity
  • Refinery operations (Distillation, Hydroprocessing, Reforming, Cracking, Secondary Blending).