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Conveyor & Elevator Systems

A wide range of flexible solutions for industrial & packaging conveyor automation needs; From highly configurable standard conveyors to custom conveying solutions.

Power Efficiency Management

Unique solutions for reliable and stable energy supply for energy-intensive industries; balancing energy demands with the available energy supply, and enabling energy cost control.

Plant Information Historians

Offering custom process historians suited to your specific needs with seamless integration to existing systems & generation of timely, action oriented reports.

Chemical Industry

Solutions for Fertilizer, Cement, Paper & Pulp

The production of nitrogen-based fertilizer is based on ammonia, all known processes for which requires large volumes of fossil fuels. Process control and emissions monitoring in a fertilizer plant is a challenge as Optimized operation and the economic energy/water usage determines the plant efficiency and level of CO2 emissions. The challenge for the cement industry today is to maintain competitive production costs despite rising energy prices. Approximately 40 percent of the waste heat energy from cement plants are released into the atmosphere. The ability to generate electrical energy using waste heat from the preheater tower and clinker cooler is becoming an appealing solution. Pulp and paper industry is facing cost pressure, increased quality requirements, environmental regulations, lower margins, and intense competition; creating an increasingly tough environment for manufacturers.

To enable fertilizer manufacturers to fully capitalize on the potential of their plants, we offer comprehensive solutions for process automation and energy management that enable you to become more efficient and profitable. Our automation solutions allow optimal monitoring and control of complex processes involved in fertilizer production. In collaboration with experienced partners, we are supporting the cement industry with the planning and construction of innovative waste heat recovery systems which pay for themselves in a short period of time. We offer WHR solutions that offer a high level of standardization. Pulp and paper production is a complex system of consecutive process steps. For this, we offer a highly efficient, optimally coordinated solution through integrated drives, which can be integrated into the process management system.

Our process control solutions use advanced techniques, are designed for operation globally and capable of handling a wide range of challenges, including adaption to plant upgrades and testing of new solution prototypes. We offer a sustainably competitive solutions for your processes including:

  • Fertilizer (Powder and Granulation, Water Treatment, Bagging)
  • Cement (Vertical Roller Mill, Kiln & Cooler, Ball Mill)
  • Waste Heat Recovery (Boiler, Steam turbine generator)
  • Pulp & Paper (Grinders, Digesters, Beating & Sizing, Fourdrinier)