Retrofit & Refurbish

IOM Retrofit & Refurbish Services

Changing a running automation systems after years is not always an option; and retaining the obsolete technology contains significant risks: probability of errors and failure increases and rising cost for maintenance and troubleshooting resulted in reduced profitability. To stay competitive, machines and facilities have to be continually adapted to the latest requirements. Our retrofitting and modernization solutions are an efficient and sustainable way to revitalize productivity levels without incurring substantial capital costs. We have qualified experts that are well placed to provide a wide range of solutions and technical support in the area of retrofits and refurbishments; helping you achieve higher efficiency, improved performance and lower failure rates.

Equipment Refurbishment:
Our thorough inspection and repair work often results in better performance from your equipment. The skill and experience of our Refurbishment Services technicians ensures that each system we refurbish will perform to original OEM specifications. We also offer service options during your equipment refurbishment, from baseline tests prior to disassembly and post-installation baseline confirmation tests to system upgrades and training. We can perform the refurbishment either at our factory or on-site.

Control Retrofits:
We have years of experience with factory & plant automation upgrades and retrofits. Our automation upgrade and retrofit services begin with an upgrade strategy, which includes research and designing pre-engineered packages. Older systems and equipment can be upgraded to the newest technology available and all software is completely transferable. We provide flexible and affordable systems to evolve to the latest hardware and technology for process automation. We truly understand your needs for step-wise improvement and modernization of production control systems. To achieve this continuous improvement yet still retain productive assets, we develop custom comprehensive evolution solutions for PLC & DCS systems. Such cost-efficient and low-risk evolution is ideal for manufacturers with a mix of systems (sometimes from different vendors) at each production site. We make complete reviews of your systems in order to identify upgrade opportunities with the greatest ROI and suggest an evolution path that will increase the efficiency and the productivity of your plant.

Software Migrations:
In a complex world of ever-changing technologies, we realize the importance of getting HMI upgrades and having cyber security implemented. We help customers improve their technical posture and security compliance. We recommend and implement upgrades and patches with security in mind; and that are easily integrated into broader plant-level systems and IT architectures. We offer centralized systems that give companies a single vantage point to see their cyber security posture, implement proactive strategies and policies to protect critical control system and related networks, and provide a centralized reporting capability to manage cyber risk.