Professional Industrial Trainings

PT Professional Industrial Trainings

With a complete spectrum of solutions, courses and learning tools, MechGear Technologies is developing competent industrial professionals in technical processes, spanning the industry’s entire value chain. Our services and solutions connect learning to the workplace, allowing employers to manage and assure the competence of workers at every level. Our trainings are built on extensive real-world experience in every corner of the oil and energy value chain. We combine the insights from our partner companies with the knowledge of seasoned industry experts to help with your most complex challenges. From talent development and organizational performance to engineering and operational needs, we are driven by one goal: improving your performance.

Offering competency-based classroom trainings open to the public, or an in-house arrangement for group operatives.

Competency Management:
Efficiently assure competency by identifying skill and knowledge gaps that may be limiting performance and compliance.

Workforce Development:
Accelerate development by implementing customized programs and solutions, including technical coaching and mentoring, for closing skill and knowledge gaps and educating new workforces.

Performance Consulting:
Identify opportunities for improving operational efficiency and implement programs designed to improve performance.

Compliance Management:
We enable our clients to improve performance and reduce risk with a focus on true compliance through a more knowledgeable workforce.

Our instructors include the leading technical experts in the industry; most of them being consultants who work on the leading edge of technology, addressing the most pressing challenges the industry faces today. Our instructors learn to be superb teachers – experts in active learning; providing an experience that is engaging, practical and 100% relevant for professionals throughout the industry.