Industrial Operations & Maintenance

IOM Industrial Operations & Maintenance Services

MechGear Technologies provides operational and maintenance services to your complex industrial facilities by implementing operations and maintenance programs that optimize life-cycle value, operating costs and reliability while providing a comfortable, safe, and productive workspace for employees. Our personalised contracts are tailored to your requirements and merge seamlessly with your resources. Our operating procedures comply with the most stringent standards in terms of health and safety, supervision, on-call services and reporting. We develop and implement progress plans to continually improve the performance and productivity of the facilities under our management, using tried and tested methodology.

Safety & Competence:
We aim to attract the best employees on all levels & are highly engaged in local community recruiting; and keen on establishing an engaged performance culture with safety. Safety is one of our main priorities, and our safety programs are developed to create healthy and safe working conditions for our employees. This ensures that the staff responsible for safety fits the qualifications and necessary requirements, and is constantly trained and evaluated on a regular basis. Safety programs best suited to your facility are identified by assessing and quantifying possible risks and areas of hazards.

Maintenance Best practices:
Our maintenance practices are individual techniques which build on each other. We provide our customers with leading-edge, high-performance solutions to protect their facilities, including:

  • Audits and quantitative studies; providing a detailed overview of the flows entering and leaving your plant
  • Fast & effective technical support; guaranteeing service continuity
  • On-the-ground teams; for continous on-site presence
  • Quantifiable recommendations; for site improvements that serve the surrounding environment
  • Progress and cost optimisation plans
  • Expert advice for enhancing the reliability of your industrial assets
  • Compliance with environmental standards
  • Critical point analysis; for implementation of crisis management
  • Resource Optimisation; network maintenance, fire & water system, energy recovery and reviews
  • Automated maintenance management systems